• Justice League” Movie Online Comic Book “Shifting Gears

    Mercedes-Benz has released a  Justice League new online comic book in conjunction with their sponsorship of the “Justice League” movie. Titled “Shifting Gears”, in this online comic book, are there any better days than when you get to use your Trident to stop a heist getaway in progress AND drive a Vision Gran Turismo? Arthur Curry and Bruce Wayne say no.Mercedes-Benz is collaborating with the “Justice League” movie to promote the release of their new Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet as well as the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo, which both feature in the film.

    Henry Allen gets some face time with his son in the latest TV spot for Justice League. As the premiere of Justice League approaches, Warner Bros. hasn’t been shy about showing off the new DC film. Yesterday, two new clips were released, showing Batman recruiting Aquaman and The Flash, and teasing some of the dynamics in the film. Before that, 5 clips from Justice League were released online, putting the spotlight each of the five main characters in the process. For those hoping to see the film with fresh eyes, it’s becoming clear that avoiding the marketing for Justice League is essential from hereon out.

    Despite the glut of trailers, TV spots, and clips, there’s still a lot that hasn’t yet been revealed when it comes to Justice League. A number of supporting roles in the film have yet to feature in the promotion for the movie, and there are bound to be some surprise cameos. Not only will those smaller roles add more flavor and shading to the main heroes, but they’ll set up characters who will factor into DC’s upcoming solo movies. Now, a brand-new TV spot brings Justice League Full Movie one of the most important Flash characters into the mix and offers an extended look at some solo Wonder Woman action.The Justice League TV spot also features more of Amy Adam’s Lois Lane, who provides some additional inspiration in the film. A clip of Lois chatting with Martha Kent has also been unveiled online, as part of an interview in which Diane Lane praises Justice League for being an impressive superhero blockbuster altogether.

    The TV spot also features a lot more of Wonder Woman. First, she is shown giving Cyborg some advice, and the spot ends with Diana talking to a non-believing bank robber. This clip reveals a bit more about a sequence in the film where Wonder Woman battles some bank-robbers, including some interesting period-looking clothes worn by the criminals in question. With Justice League just around the corner, hopes are high that the DC movie universe will soon have another hit on its hands. Justice League has tested as well as Wonder Woman with audiences during screenings, which certainly bodes well for the film’s chances. While a big box office haul is all but guaranteed, many fans are hoping Justice League can be DC’s second critical hit to boot.This weekend belongs to Disney and Marvel Studios with their latest sequel Thor.

    Ragnarok dominating the box office. But in less than two weeks, it will be Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Entertainment taking the lead with Justice League charging into theaters with the first assembly ever of the DC Comics superheroes on the big screen Adding fuel to the hype machine, a new batch of Justice League clips have arrived online featuring Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) meeting both Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) and Barry Allen (Ezra Miller), better known as Aquaman and The Flash respectively. We also get to see Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) kicking some ass and Cyborg (Ray Fisher) joining up with the rest of the superhero team and delivering some exposition. Plus, we get our best glimpse at Steppenwolf (Ciaran Hinds) yet as he creates some trouble for the Justice League.Wonder Woman isn’t putting up with any criminals trying to blow stuff up.

    And she certainly doesn’t like it when she gets hit in the head with the butt of a rifle. Why these particular criminals are dressed almost like gangsters from the 1920s, I’m not entirely sure, but it does lend sort of a classic feel to the comic book proceedings.The clip has clearly been shortened from its final cut in the movie, likely to keep the scene more easily consumable for general audiences. But it still gives us an idea of Aquaman’s commanding presence, even when he’s outside of his element. Thanks to the trailers, we know that this conflict between The Dark Knight and the Atlantean warrior is only temporary. It won’t be long before Aquaman is hitching Justice League Full Movie Download a ride on the Batmobile.Featuring another extended version of the footage we’ve seen in Justice League trailers, Bruce Wayne meets Barry Allen for the first time. Not only does Bruce reveal that he’s Batman, but he also forces Baryto reveal his super speed powers. I still like the immediate gung ho attitude that Barry has about joining the team, even it’s a bit silly.

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